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The Motobilt Jeep JK Rear Stubby Bumper was built to be compact and strong. The bumper body is constructed with 3/16" high strength steel plate to withstand rock crawling and extreme use. The Motobilt JK rear bumper was 3D CAD designed using the latest in design software to ensure a perfect fit. The bumper is designed to be used with or without a factory style receiver hitch. You will notice a hitch installed in some of the pictures. The hitch is not included with the bumper. If you need a hitch with the bumper please call us for details. We will be happy to provide one for you. The bumper is a bolt on unit. The bumper is shipped bare steel so you can paint or powder coat to the color of your choice. You will also note the 3/4" d-ring mounts are welded in place on the bumper. They pass through the bumper where they are also welded on the inside of the assembly. The d-ring mounts come standard on this bumper.